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Vacuum Heat Treating

We excel in handling your "problem tools"

Vacuum Heat Treating is ideal for all tool steels. Vacuum Heat Treated parts are known for excellent surface finishes that are free of scale and decarburization. Also, Vacuum Heat Treated parts have minimal distortion and optimal metallurgical properties.

Equipment List

State-of-the-Art Facilities

  • (2) 6-Bar Turbo Treater vacuum furnaces
  • (2) 2-Bar vacuum furnaces
  • (1) Vacu-draw vacuum temper furnace
  • (4) Nitrogen atmosphere temper furnaces
  • (1) Box temper furnace
  • (1) Cryogenic deep freeze unit
  • (1) Induction unit
  • (1) Cabinet blast
  • Precision process control instrumentation

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Vacuum Furnace
Vacuum Heat Treating
Southeast Michigan Heat Treating